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About Us

We make apparel for the audacious and the unabashedly adventurous. The brave women who always felt whole within themselves. Or who have just found the confidence to take on anything, and conquer the world… Those bold enough to rebel, and raise trouble for the establishment. — Just once in a while it’s permitted to go wild, and not to care what others might think. Because shamelessly giving into the pulsating beats of the energetic rave is not a flaw. It’s not a moment where you temporarily loose yourself, but a moment of freedom to make your own decisions, and choose your own destiny. When you live for the rare flashes where there are no limits, and all you do is follow your heart… That’s when you’re truly free! Free to only live by your own rules and nobody else'. Free to inspire others to move beyond the status quo. You cannot make everyone love you. And that’s okay. Because you can make it impossible for them to ignore who you are. Who says you have to chase trends or follow fashion? Who says you cannot wear exactly what you want? We don’t! — Our collections are for the brave who feel secure about who they are, and what they wear. They’re designed for the rave, where you can go wild and let yourself free. Our apparel, lingerie, nightwear and swim suits reveal neither too much or too little. They are simply the accessories for your confidence. The tools with which you can Do More, Live Fast!